New Heights

Sims Venture Capital Makes Your Idea a Reality


Unlike other venture firms who only bring capital, we bring so much more. SVC provides the funding and the expertise for your company to reach new heights. We are proud of the thriving companies we work with to date, and look forward to adding you to that list.

About Us

Founded in 2021, our VC operations are agile and forward thinking. Based in northeast Tennessee, we are focused on spreading the talent and innovation of this region to the nation. While SVC was founded more recently, our expertise has been brewing for over a century with our portfolio companies. We balance the experienced with the daring, the local with the high tech, the savvy with human connection.

Our Team

SVC brings the expertise to help you and your company achieve your goals. Our dedicated team provides ancillary services along with our investments, including legal counsel, accounting, marketing, design, information technology, back office, training, and management consultation. Each an expert in their own field, when you join SVC, your team instantly grows.

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